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Full Garden Design

How does the process work?



Getting to know you

My process starts with listening to what you love, need, and dream that your garden could be. Then it's all about finding a way to incorporate those ideas into your space. Each client fills out a questionnaire to help me get to know your personal style. Then I come to visit the property, take measurements, and discuss ideas.

Vision / Concept

Next, I select plants that will thrive in your space and meet the aesthetic concept that you are trying to achieve. I use the latest landscape design software to provide you with a rendered photograph of what your new space will look like, which helps you envision the final outcome. We discuss my suggestions and collaborate to make any changes based on your feedback. 

Green Garden

Final Design 

Your final design will include an architectural plan of the space showing where each plant should be placed, notes on any soil amendments that should be made or other particulars of the project, and an estimate of the cost of installation.


The piece I find is often missing in Landscape Design is education. So, I provide you with a printed guide to each plant that we have chosen for your space, what it needs to thrive, and how and when to prune it. High quality landscaping is an investment, and I want you to feel confident about caring for your space for years to come.

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