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Second Bloom

Image by Ian Kirkland
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My Story


Like the garden each spring, every life deserves a second bloom. This business has been mine. After twenty-five years singing opera, my life changed, and I needed to create myself anew. I spent many hours (most of them in the garden) soul-searching for what would be next. I was designing a garden for a friend, something I did purely for enjoyment, when she asked me why I didn't do it professionally? Somehow, I had never considered this, but now that it had been spoken out loud, I knew it was what was meant to be. So, back to school I went. 


Since then, I have used my artistic energy in the world of landscape and garden design. Since I was a small child, I have loved gardens of all kinds. The garden feeds my soul. I have shared that love with family and friends all my life, and I would like to share it with you too. Large or small, I will help you to take your dreams for your garden and turn them into a space that brings joy and renewal.

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